Three generations of hands


Three Generations of Hands Washington, DC Women's March

Rainbow Bracelets woven by Kate Ohara

My Story with Glass


Do to an essential tremor which is worsening, I am no longer able to work with glass. My art has taken me in another direction, weaving. My weaving reflects my love of color, texture and diversity that I used in my mobiles.  In my mobiles you will see my first creative journey. My mobiles will always be with me. Enjoy the story of my love of glass.

I have always been fascinated by glass going back to the days of collecting glass soda bottles for the 2 cent return. I liked the clanging of the bottles and the way the sun reflected through the glass.  I began my journey.  by taking various classes which introduced me to the possibilities of working with glass.  I started by designing stained glass windows and soon discovered that was not my calling. 

Both as a child and an adult, I have loved flying kites of all sizes and shapes. I loved the way they played in the wind. Unfortunately, most were lost to trees, but oh my, how wonderful they were when they were flying. I began to combine glass, solder, copper wire, and beads into textured works of art I named Kites of Glass. These mobiles are sturdy enough to hang outside or inside and they interact with their environment in all conditions including rain, snow and storms. Although glass, they will fly as high as your imagination will take them. 

I am amazed how my collecting of glass soda bottles as a child and my love of flying kites transformed my life as an adult into one of exploring and creating these wonderful pieces of art. I now see the world differently.  Everything lends itself to colors and patterns that I can incorporate into my Kites of Glass mobiles.   I will continue to explore all the possibilities that my environment will allow.  What a journey!

The Journey Continues...

The Softer Discipline - Fiber

I have joined the world of art later in life. To put things into perspective, I remember listening to the radio show the Shadow before television. At age 8, my friend Judy and I wove potholders on a 6 inch loom and went from door to door selling them for 25 cents. Looking back, I realize they were made of nylon and probably were never used as a pot holder. So, here I am many decades later once again working with fiber. I am having as much fun now as I did as a child. The only difference is  I am not going door to sell my work. I have incorporated weaving into my life and when I weave, my spirit soars. Please enjoy my creations.